Pathfinder RPG: Player Companion – Martial Arts Handbook

Pathfinder RPG: Player Companion – Martial Arts Handbook

Pathfinder RPG: Player Companion – Martial Arts Handbook

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For some heroes, the strength of the self holds more potential than any other training. These practitioners use martial arts to hone their own bodies as weapons, or they wield deadly weapons in combat as extensions of themselves. Pathfinder Player Companion: Martial Arts Handbook delves into the various traditions, techniques, and styles of those who push their physical forms toward perfection. From fearsome kicks and punches, to expertise with mighty weapons, to harnessing the power of ki, this player-focused volume provides new archetypes, feats, styles, and weapons that allow characters to make the most of their own combat skill.

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  • The Pathfinder RPG has been a leading tabletop brand since its launch in 2008. More than 100,000 gamers play in active Pathfinder RPG campaigns. Pathfinder’s monthly Adventure Path product enjoys more than 10,000 readers, making it the best-selling monthly print RPG product on the market.
  • Rules content sanctioned for official play in Paizo’s popular Pathfinder Society Organized Play mega-campaign, with more than 60,000 players all over the world!
  • There are an average of five players to every RPG Game Master. Pathfinder Player Companion products are aimed at the larger player audience, providing key information to help players survive and thrive!
  • The Pathfinder Player Companion’s low price and excellent production values make it the ideal introduction to new Pathfinder customers.

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